Meet Nyx McLean

"In true Bohemian style, I am inspired by the ideals of truth, beauty, freedom and love."

What inspires you?

In true Bohemian style, I am inspired by the ideals of truth, beauty, freedom and love. At all times I seek truth, and openly challenge what I hold to be my current truth. I look for beauty in everything, and allow it to filter through into how I interact with the world. Freedom is what I believe belongs to every individual in order for them to be their true self and reach their highest potential - I believe that lack of freedom often results in mediocrity. Love is what matters first and foremost to me, my belief about the world and all that is about it, is that all one needs to do is treat each and every individual with love and respect for life to be pleasant, fulfilling and truly beautiful. Lastly, people who live by their dreams, with the belief that success is inevitable and that everything is possible inspire me to live by my dreams.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

Human rights in general matter to me. However I seem to have become rather involved in gender-based issues, and queer rights. Both of which I became involved with when I started varsity - I met individuals who cared about such issues, and awoke something in me that had been dormant and was just waiting for a way to express itself. Gender issues in particular became my 'thing' after many close friends, and at the time, my current partner, had been survivors of gender-based violence. Not knowing how to deal with those situations, I attended a workshop on gender-based violence, and during that process met individuals who I began to work with. I later set about starting my own project at the university I study at, it focuses on advocacy and creating dialogue around gender-based issues. It also supports local NGOs in their projects, as well as working closely with a state department which handles sexual offences and community affairs.It is quite insane to think that I've been involved in this sphere for less than a year, and have done some serious personal growth while doing this work that I love.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

I think what makes a good leader differs in terms of context. I do believe that a leader needs to be sympathetic, not have a hidden agenda, must have good politics, and uphold certain values that are integral to ensuring that everyone's rights are taken care of. In essence, I think anyone who carries the same values as South Africa's past president, Nelson Mandela, would make an excellent leader. He has proven to be a human being who is empathetic, strong on moral leadership, consistent, a good listener, and is willing to take a stand for what he believes in. A good leader should also be a bit of a bohemian, following the values of truth, beauty, freedom and love... as well as being willing to dream big.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

I think TIG can help me achieve some of my goals. I think mostly through providing a forum for me to engage with other individuals who are working towards creating positive change, and to bounce my ideas off of them if need be. I think TIG can act as a catalyst for me to realise my goals, however I need to have faith and to take the right action to achieve them.


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