Meet Emmanuel Ametepey

"It has taken me long to identify the resources here on TIG but I am blessed to read all posts and see opportunities here."

What inspires you?

What inspires me most in life is a teacher friend called Augustine Okanta.He was my teacher at Junior High School where he taught me Agriculture Science.He has become a friend,a brother and a role model in my life.He has become part of my life encouraging me in what I do o bring change in my fellwo youth. He has given me so much encouragement to continue to be a voice to the most vulnerable in my indegenous village where access to information on HIV/AIDS and other life controlling problem is difficult to get. His encouragements and inspiration have kept me on in life and enjoy what I do.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

What matters most to me the issue of the increasing trend of substance abuse and its societal effects among the youth in Ghana.It is becoming a common thing to see the youth engage in behaviors that endanger their health and life. I became aware of this phenomenom when I went to senior high school.Majority of the students were engaged in smoking coupled with drinking and pre marital sex.I realized that the influence of the youth on their peers was great and that they could easil influence others to join them in their destructive behaviors. This situation was a common practice in majority of secondary schools and the relationship between such behaviors and HIV infection is high.One could easily transfer the virus to another and within a short period spreading all over. I became involved with HIV/AIDS prevention even when in school..I officially got involved when I joined Christian Youth Organization as a member and a peer educator.My aim was to make my voice heard about the increasing rate of destructive behaviors and the chances it gives for HIV infections.My interest in this work broaden and soon became the president of Christian Youth Organization in Teacher Mantey near Nsawam.I worked hard to bring lot of youth together and mobilising diverse sector of the community and creating comprehensive strategies that foster effective prevention programs,policies and practices that create population reduction in HIV infections.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

"Leadership is the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence within a group to move it towards goals of beneficial permancence that fulffils the groups real needs" John Haggai. Leadership is about influence;the ability to influence a group to achieve a desired vision.In line with this,a good leader must have vision,be intelligent,courageous ,a motivator and someone who is blessed with wisdom. For me,VISION is the greatest requirement of what makes a good leader.A leader must have a vision of a comprehensive sense of where he is,where he/she wants to go,how to get there and what to do after getting there.It is dreaming dreams about the future.It is seeing the big picture and personally painting a part of it.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

YES,TIG is truly the place for young people who are called and involved with HIV preventions.It has taken me long to identify the resources here on TIG but I am blessed to read all posts and see opportunities here.I think it is the Biggest Youth led HIV network in the world and nothing more.


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