Meet Bertch Ian N. Ranis

"This [TakingITGlobal] is a very powerful mechanism to empower young leaders of our generation. "

What inspires you?

Inspiration for me really comes from several different aspects: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I am inspired by people who despite their physical deprivation are capable of standing up against injustice by voicing their rights and "walking the walk." They make themselves more of an asset for they do. It is through believing in themselves that they benefit their country. I am pushed by people who strive to think hard for the betterment of our nation, they create projects that effectively consider sustainability issues. They are people who initiate change in our half-broken world. Finally, I am aroused by men and women who do things with passion. They create an avenue of social responsibility whose lives do not end at simply meeting their own needs. They are people who religiously give to unfortunate people. For a man with no spirit is not a man, he is a mere manikin, real but fake!

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

What matters to me most would be the commitment of my nation to eradicate extreme poverty by year 2015. The Phillipines, together with 189 other countries, made a promise to make our planet a better world to live in. For the Millennium Development Goals, I remain standing up and leading! Simply standing up is not enough, it takes someone to stand up, then move and lead others, because without action there will be no flow.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

A leader should have the following characteristics: 1. Passionate - without this you're just a mere comedian in uniform 2. Down to Earth - without this no one would believe you care for them 3. Communicate - without this nothing will happen 4. Inspire - without this you cannot get people to do what needs to be done 5. Character - without this you are with no integrity at all 6. Honesty - without this your fooling yourself and God 7. Visionary - for without this you would not be found, in short you're lost!

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

I definitely believe that takingITglobal can help me achieve my endeavors, for without this very powerful website, my passion would be wasted. This is a very powerful mechanism to empower young leaders of our generation. Media is powerful, and this site is one such form of media. Let us therefore take our action global. "Thank you guys, I love you all"


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