Meet Henry Nwankwo

"I am inspired when I read about the stories of people who have made it in the world in spite of insurmountable odds… "

What inspires you?

I am inspired when i read about the stories of people who have made it in the world in spite of insurmountable odds especially in the political arena since I am going to spend my life in the service of humanity, in the field of politics. I believe the best kinds of leaders are people who bring the people together. Stories inspire me because in them i can see bits and pieces if myself and realize that I am not alone and everything happens for a reason

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

poverty is the most troubling issue of our day. It strips a person of their dignity and demeans them in the eyes of their fellow humans. I come from one of the poorest country in the world and so have seen poverty in a very deep level. No one should ever be that way. I believe the world is bi enough to accommodate all our dreams

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

I think what makes a good leader is the ability to listen to his people. If you don't listen, you'll never know your problems and you'll miss an opportunity to change a generation. To truly lead one's people, one must also truly know them. I also think a keen sense of empathy is very essential. It makes a leader remember who he is and where he comes from when he seems to have forgotten himself

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

yes i think it can help to somehow alleviate poverty by bringing the stories of ordinary people who normally are forgotten to the world to a global audience. People can get inspired and actions taken and destinies changed. We have to understand that we are all in this world together. We all share the same experience even though we live in different realities but basically the truth is that we all are not that different after all


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