Meet Hassan Shehawy

"Education is about building an identity, shaping a character, creating innovative mind and giving the society a good citizen who understands their roles and responsibilities."

What inspires you?

If I were to say it in one word, it would be "nature"! My main interest and passion in life is revealing nature secrets and unleashing its wonders. That’s why I work in the research field where I keep wondering and exploring the vast expanse of the universe, diving into the tiny atom and flying in the infinite cosmos with wings of knowledge and power of imagination. Nature is what drives me to work hard and be part of the awesome resonance between all the system’s elements. The sunrise moment is the ultimate motivation for me in life, watching it is more than enough to raise one’s momentum and build all the strength and confidence for turning a new day into a great one! The beautiful look of nature is my inspiration to have a mission in life and believe in my role on this planet, a role of development!

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

It’s education and specifically science and heritage education. Education is about building an identity, shaping a character, creating innovative mind and giving the society a good citizen who understands their roles and responsibilities. Unfortunately, in my country education is too poor, even in the most prestigious schools and universities. The main care goes for knowledge and having the maximum possible realms of information on students’ minds. I became aware because in my childhood, my schoolmates were considering me a weird child for being an active person in my community. I never understood the reason before I grew up and it was obvious that it’s the education students receive, and therefore I decided to launch my own solution! I initiated a number of education development activities and programs, focusing on science and heritage with a perspective of giving the students the chance to get engaged and express themselves.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

I believe a good leader is one who can make their team believing in what they are working on, I see a good leader is someone who has things done in his presence as good as in his absence! He communicates the spirit of work to his team members and lectures them all the time about the value they are delivering to their community and the humanity as well throughout the work they do. A good leader gives his team members the chance to try and make mistakes, yet still is by their back to help them not to fall. A good leader gives his team the space to think and propose their ideas and listens to them. A good leader asks his team members to do things, he doesn't order them. A good leader is someone who listens, appreciates, inspires, motivates, works, and is always open to his team!

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

Of course! Part of my objectives is global ones that I badly need global connections with peers from everywhere in the world and opportunities in education programs. Through TIG, I could be able to be a site partner in the Adobe Youth Voices program where I teach young youth engineering and technology skills and help them apply such skills in expressing themselves and reflect on their own issues and community problems through creating creative media works. Meanwhile, TIG helped me connecting to people from different parts of the world and establish international collaborative projects where I, and my students, gain amazing global exposure.


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