Meet Jason Emmanuel C. Soledad

"The simple smile on the faces of the people I've helped."

What inspires you?

The simple smile on the faces of the people I've helped. The mere feeling that you've helped someone is already fulfilling. As a volunteer, Ive been taught not to expect anything but hearing just one "Thank you" from tons of people I've served is very refreshing and inspiring!

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

Health Awareness. People are careless about their health. I've seen it on my parents, my relatives and whomever that I encounter everyday.Being one of the Health Volunteers of the PNRC involved in Community Health and Nursing Service I go to different communities to share Health related topics and encourage them to be healthy individuals in physically and mentally. Anti smoking is also one of my advocacy.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

A good leader is a good listener. He must be observant of the things happening around him. He must have the caring attitude towards his colleagues. He knows how to compromise. And most important of all he must be COMMITTED to the group and the advocacy of the group.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

Yes, definitely taking it global could help me and many other people achieve goals. Being an internet portal it helps leaders to communicate with each other and share ideas and practices which might be useful to them. Issues posted on the web page makes me aware of what is happening to the world. Here I can post my opinion on different issues which are seldom tackled in other organizations. Here we dont have any restrictions we can say whatever we want. This is what I say "The Freedom of Expression!


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