Meet Katherine Li

"The power that youth hold in their hands has the ability to create change that can effect their generation, the generation before them, and the generation after them."

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the power that youth have to enact change in their communities and across the world when they realize and work to create change. Individually youth may not have enough power to create widespread change, but when youth join together the power of change grows and creates greater change that is widespread. The power that youth hold in their hands has the ability to create change that can effect their generation, the generation before them, and the generation after them.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

An issue that matters to me is the intersection of technology, education, and media. My greater awareness and involvement in each issue area started from a younger age than most, with respect to demographics of where I grew up and where I go/went to school. After spending three years at a school within a larger university and now entering my fourth and last year there, I have seen the impact of the intersection and convergence of each issue area when properly used for good as well as hearing and reading of the stories of the use of each area for good. Through this and recently graduating from the Sprout E-Course, I am trying to launch my own social venture that creates this convergence and intersection of technology, education, and media that benefits youth in my community with hopes of taking it global.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

From my perspective, a good leader is made up of qualities that are not always seen as qualities for good leaders. I think that a good leader is made of special qualities that can be found in the world’s greatest leaders, but is combined in the right way that he or she is not changed by it in bad ways and remains humble in everything he or she does. To me, a good leader is humble, driven, smart, helpful no matter how long it takes to brings others along, ambitious, influential, caring, supportive, realization of their own voice and opportunity, inspirational, ethical, aspires, encourages, platform for articulation of dreams, speak out against injustice, bring people together, guide/mentor/educate, and the belief in the simplicity of hope.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

I think that TakingITGlobal can help and already has helped me achieve some of my goals. TakingITGlobal has already helped me achieve some of my goals through my participation in the Sprout E-Course, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Innovate for Good community, from May to June 2013 where I was paired with Sara Hassan for a facilitator-participant relationship over Sprout’s 9-week period. Having worked so closely with her over the Sprout period has given me a huge boost and support in launching my idea into a social venture. Working closely with Sara in Sprout has also allowed me to realize other dreams of mine that include interning/working at TakingITGlobal and creating social change for social good at other non-profit organizations. TakingITGlobal has also helped me in leadership and decision-making experience as an Online Volunteer to currently work remotely with the Global Gallery while still studying at Rutgers University as a fourth-year undergraduate student. My volunteer position has allowed me to take on a leadership position in the non-profit, like TakingITGlobal, while still attending school, even in a remote way. The position also allows me to learn from the current team TakingITGlobal team members on the Online Community Team, whether with my supervisor Liam O’Doherty or with other team members, or from other teams at there. Even though my volunteering term is shorter due to when I was brought on as a volunteer by Liam, I’ve learned so much from him and this volunteer position. It, like with working with Sara, has furthered my realization of creating social change for social good, as well as my interest in working a lot more and further with TakingITGlobal to create change in the world.


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