Meet Lidia Ristea

"I'd say it's the passion for volunteer involvement and the determination that that can improve and resolve many challenges the world faces today."

What inspires you?

I believe that through a small gesture one can make big thing happen and it feels good to be inspired. I am inspired by more things related to health, education, and the current state that the environment can achieve. I am especially concerned that people face drinking water shortages, the lack of jobs, children are deprived of proper education, the high level of pollution affecting the entire planet. I am outraged by the massive deforestation of forests, the extinction of plants and animals. This is a chance for young people to get involved in a project in achieving the objectives. Moreover, my ideas come from my desire to change the mindset of their communities to find solutions to achieve the proposed project.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

As teacher, I coordinate several projects at school level (encouraging sport by moving, I organized Earth Day contests in 2009) and I consider that the implementation of voluntary actions are extremely important to the local community. I'd say it's the passion for volunteer involvement and also determining that it can improve many things and people that I know participating in these actions on their own initiative - that may be unmatched beauty of the soul. Volunteer activities that can inspire me are those related to the environment, planting trees in areas where there have been massive deforestation - which in a greater or less involves us all - how to determine those around us to respect the environment, eco consume, pollute less, use recycled products, plant trees, organize fundraising campaigns, information, personal attitude change.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

To be a good leader you have to take this role and feel comfortable in it, as this will become a model and reference for those working with. One thing I am guided by the staff in leadership given that belong to this category is that "Being a leader is an ability, thereby help others near you to their personal development." From my personal experience I can say that to be helpful in developing our experience of life as people and as a senior staff of a team leader is an experience that gives considerable contribution to our lives no matter where and at what age we have the opportunity to live experiences. But in the end I think that being a good leader means working with and for people to be able to achieve the goals set for school or company you work, without losing sight of the team and its needs, especially to always leave space and to provide the framework for people working with you to grow and develop themselves.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

In my opinion, TIG gave me invaluable opportunities primarily because I had a chance to make two online courses that will help me in career and secondly because I met teachers, highly motivated young people from around the world that promote various actions / activities.


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