Meet Birendra Kumar

"TIG can bring a revolution if it can reach maximum youth and people."

What inspires you?

I belong to a landless family from a remote village of India. My parents somehow managed to admit me to a missionary school called Khrist Raja High School Bettiah, Bihar, a very renowned school in West Champaran. Champaran is where Gandhiji started his movement for freedom. My school itself has a student base organisation called Leadership Training Service. I was an active member of this group from where I get inspiration to work towards society and helping people. Moral Science, tje story of Mahatam Gandhi and A.P.J Kalam all motivated me to devote my life to social work. Slowly my passion became profession and I am trying to do my best.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

Education is the most important issue for me as I found there are thousands of people who lose their lives because they are not educated. Uneducated people do not understand their situation and whatever others tell them they happily accept, unknowingly. I have seen in my village/city how people cheat others in the name of religion, tradition, socially, politically, financially and morally. I was the first person in my entire generation who managed to complete a college education. Through example of my own life, I know how education can empower people and enable us to fight all social ills. Other issues on which I am working include HIV/AIDS, of which I became aware during coursework in the village and with youth. I discovered that this deadly disease can be controlled simply with proper information but still people are dying, so I started working on this.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

To become a good leader, leaders should be able to work in teams, take responsibility himself/herself for failure but for success give credit to all team members. They should have vision, patience and a good understanding of issues. A leader should listen to everybody but make decisions which are most effective and acceptable to everybody. According to me, a leader should be a person who has enough guts to stand for his/her team and people in all situations.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

TIG matters a lot for me and I am frequent visitor of TIG. It has changed my way of working and for almost all help towards my work I look to TIG. I am actively involved in the field of HIV/AIDS and its feature themes sections provides a lot of resources to update me and show the way to go further. The Youth Action kit on HIV/AIDS is one of the best resources for planning work on HIV/AIDS. TIG helps me to do widespread networking, share ideas and experience and think in an innovative way. TIG can bring a revolution if it can reach maximum youth and people. I am so fascinated with all TIG features and links that wherever, whatever and whenever I get the opportunity I promote TIG. I am also planning a world tour to promote TIG using HIV and MDG action kits.


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