Meet Vugar Rustamli

"TIG helped me in spreading information regarding events and projects I am passionate about."

What inspires you?

For me, my main inspiration reasons are aims and actions. Actions without aim, and aim without action is nothing in real life. Of course aim and actions cannot be realized without people in the life. There is such an idea that states, if one person can make happy another person, so all people in the world could become happy. Mainly people, who were successful to become wealthy and help other poor or disabled people are a very important thing in today's and future life.

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

For me a main issue of matter is knowledge of youngsters. We divide it into 2 parts: formal education and non-formal education. There are so many NGOs and companies supporting educational projects for encouraging youth to become more literate and ready for the life. Without education a person is like the bird without one wing. As a youth worker beginning from 2008 I realized many projects for supporting youth to become more social, educated and motivated for future. Mainly I focused on volunteering which is very important in our life. As a result I trained and interviewed more than 5000 youth and now lead the network of 2000 volunteers.

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

Leader is not chosen formally, someone becomes leader in non-formal ways. A leader should motivate and stimulate others, support others, act with others and to know answer to questions as when, where and who.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already?

It is great network which differs from all other social networks. TIG gives opportunity to all people to share and learn. TIG helped me in spreading information regarding events and projects which I realized. Nowadays I have special post regarding International Youth Photo Competition which is dedicated to International Youth Day 12 August.


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